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For Spring 2009 Graduations and Father's Day, ThinkGeek's Got The Right Techie Gifts For Both Dads and Grads!

Gadget Retailer Helps Dads Be Cool and New Graduates Be Cooler with Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers and much more...

FAIRFAX, Va., May 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today, ThinkGeek (http://www.thinkgeek.com), the online retail hub for technology enthusiasts and wholly owned subsidiary of SourceForge (Nasdaq: LNUX), is revealing "Dads and Grads," its list of high-tech gadgets designed to help gift-givers honor that special graduate or father-figure in their lives.

"Graduation is such a big moment for graduates and parents, I remember it like it was just, ahem, yesterday! As a day that will be remembered for such a long time, why not give a gift that's fun and useful?" said Caroline Offutt, vice president and general manager, ThinkGeek. "Dads can become kids again and graduates get to hold out for a little bit longer."

Of the many products available, a long-awaited favorite is back, providing a chance for Dads and Grads to bond like never before. Sort of the modern equivalent of playing catch, only much better and with lots of sound effects, the beloved Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers ($99.99) are now available! They come in six different authentic saber styles, each equipped with blades that light from the bottom up and trigger their own sound effects. Please see here for a dramatic, yet informative, product description and video: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/collectibles/b72c/

Other products sure to be especially popular leading up to graduations this spring include:

    --  Stainless Steel Wallet ($79.99) - This cool wallet is silky smooth and
        made of woven stainless steel micro fibers. Dad will feel sleek and
        stylish as he doles out more cash for his children.

    --  Watches from $12.99 to $795 - Watches with everything from 8GB of
        storage, to OLED displays, to star charts, to video...  Heck, some of
        them even tell time!

    --  Digital Measuring Tape ($24.99) - Capable of memorizing measurements
        with the push of a button, so your Dad doesn't have to.

    --  Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Phone ($49.99) - Be an example of driving
        safety for your Grad. Besides, you never know what you'll need your
        hands for while manning your hybrid vehicle. Eyes on the road.

    --  Portable Mesh Hammock ($89.99) - You're headed off to the big world;
        Dad finally gets to relax.  He deserves a power-nap at least.

    --  DIY Electronics Design & Projects Kit ($49.99) - Yeah, your son
        should've majored in something more useful than Slovakian Mime
        Theater.  But he does seem to have a knack for gadgets.  Here's your
        chance to tease a real career out of him.  There's still time!

    --  Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter ($19.99) - He has to learn
        how to survive on his own. Talking about your Dad, of course.

    --  Flux Capacitor Replica ($249.99) - They grew up just a little too
        fast, huh? Well, according to some grey-haired scientist and
        bubble-vested high-schooler, it's never too late to go back!

    --  Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System ($49.99) - Your Dad was probably amazed
        when 16-bit video games were first introduced. Ask him to tell you

    --  Geek Insignia Ties ($39.99) - The real world may require a tie here
        and there. With five different styles, it shouldn't be hard for your
        Dad or Grad to geekify their business look.

    --  Bluetooth Handsfree Sunglasses ($49.99) - Tired of looking like some
        sort of goofy cyborg salesman?  Integrate your Bluetooth device into
        your sunglasses!  You're on your own for cloudy days and evenings,

    --  1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses ($99.99) - Tap into your Dads
        inner-Roger Moore with these spy shades. With MP3 audio compatibility,
        you can even upload the Bond Theme for him!

    --  Diaper Dude Messenger Bag ($97.99) - Handy carry-all that fits your
        cool guy image when you're carting around diapers and things.

    --  Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella ($29.99) - In case you haven't had the
        time to get back to your Kendo classes recently, here's a way to get a
        little practice in on the side.  Use your umbrella to fight those
        pesky Ninja elements.

    --  Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver ($49.99) - Never needs batteries.
        Charge it yourself by winding it, and then shaving.  Just don't do
        both at the same time.

Consistently rated one of the top e-tailers in the world, ThinkGeek.com is known for offering fresh, quirky and unique products. Every product available at ThinkGeek has been tested by an expert staff of merchandisers, including several dads. It is unclear how many of the ThinkGeek staff are verified "grads," however.

Professional, high-resolution photographs of ThinkGeek products are available upon request.

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